CryptPad for Enterprise

Your own CryptPad instance

  • Your own domain
  • Customizations such as logo and colors
  • Control storage quotas and upload limits

XWiki SAS services:

  • Fully managed instance incl. backups
  • Updates with new features
  • Support for your administrators

Benefits for Enterprise

Full-featured collaborative office suite

CryptPad provides all the features needed for effective collaboration. From a suite of applications (Document, Sheets, Presentation, Kanban, Forms, and more) to team-drives and granular access-control, we have your needs covered.

Secure your information

Ransomware attacks, data-leaks, and other security risks are on the rise. Ensure that your business information, and that of your partners/customers, is properly secured with end-to-end encryption.

An open-source project here to stay

CryptPad is actively developed by a full-time team of five at XWiki SAS, a company that has been making open-source software for over 15 years.

A support team you can count on

Defining your needs, setting up your instance, training your teams, maintaining it over-time & giving support to your users, we are here for you! You can already take a look at our user guide in the official documentation.

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Pricing for Enterprise

This pricing is for your own CryptPad instance, provided and managed by XWiki SAS.
Please see the pricing page for all the ways to subscribe and support the project.

€6 per user/month

100 Users

  • 200GB storage
  • 1 admin support

200 Users

  • 500GB storage
  • 2 admin support

500 Users

  • 1TB storage
  • 4 admin support