CryptPad for Nonprofits

Your own CryptPad instance

  • Your own domain
  • Customizations such as logo and colors
  • Control storage quotas and upload limits

XWiki SAS services:

  • Fully managed instance incl. backups
  • Updates with new features
  • Support for your administrators

Benefits for Nonprofits

Protect volunteers and people at-risk

Marginalized and vulnerable people are the most impacted by the surveillance economy. CryptPad’s end-to-end encryption protects everyone’s privacy and digital rights. Share resources, conduct research, organize a campaign, all without forcing people onto surveillance platforms.

100% collaborative

CryptPad offers many features to facilitate teamwork and collaboration, real-time editing of course but also: contacts, shared folders, team drives, sharing, and granular access control.

Align your tools with your message

Whichever cause you are fighting for, we doubt that giant corporations extracting billions of dollars from personal data are a good match for your ideals. Invest in open and secure tools that would still exist in the world you are striving to build.

Support an open-source project

CryptPad is fully open-source and freely available. We are funded by public grants and our users, not investors looking to monetize user data and make an exit. Are you receiving donations or grants from the public? When you buy our services you invest in making this project sustainable and help us improve it for everyone.

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Pricing for Nonprofits

This pricing is for your own CryptPad instance, provided and managed by XWiki SAS.
Please see the pricing page for all the ways to subscribe and support the project.

€3 per user/month 50% OFF Enterprise pricing

100 Users

  • 200GB storage
  • 1 admin support

200 Users

  • 500GB storage
  • 2 admin support

500 Users

  • 1TB storage
  • 4 admin support