CryptPad Instances

CryptPad is open-source so anyone can install and offer the service. This page lists instances that are open to the public.

The flagship instance that is hosted and administrated by the CryptPad development team. Additional storage space and priority support are available as part of subscription plans that fund the project's development.
Hosted in France

The CryptPad instances listed below are third-party services, they are not affiliated with the development team in any capacity. In order to be listed here these services have passed a series of checks to ensure they use an up-to-date version of CryptPad and have the recommended security and privacy settings. Requests for support should be directed to their administrators.

Learn how to have your instance included in this list. is a minimalist, non-commercial shared unix system and will always be free to use.
Hosted in Germany

This is the CryptPad instance of ~vern (
Hosted in a local server in New York, United States

This CryptPad instance is hosted by the Pirate Party of Germany. We stand for privacy and digital sovereignty.
Hosted in Deutschland

The CryptPad instance of – offering a fair amount of storage while trying not to conflict with the official offering.
Hosted in Germany

A CryptPad instance operated by Kumi Systems.
Hosted in Austria

NicFab CryptPad

Independent CryptPad instance operated by NicFab.
Hosted in 🇮🇹 Italy

Be crime do gay
Hosted in Germany

This CryptPad instance is hosted by activist IT collective on our own bare metal servers located in Prague.
Hosted in Czech Republic

Ébauche FACiLe

Instance publique de CryptPad opérée par FACiL.
Hosted in Québec