CryptPad is developed by XWiki SAS, a French software company that has been producing open-source code since 2004. We are currently looking to hire for several new roles on our team.

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We strive to provide an environment that is conducive to a good work/life balance. This includes:

We have offices in Paris, France and Iaşi, Romania with subsidies for public transit or cycling. For those who prefer partial or fully remote work, a monthly budget for home office accommodations is available.

As a small company, we aim to help our team members grow. We provide opportunities for training and acquiring new skills, and we prefer to promote existing team members into leadership roles.

Our work is public research. There are opportunities to travel to conferences and/or publish papers if you wish to do so.


A portion of our funding comes from European and French grants. Funding from these sources can only be spent on salaries in the relevant jurisdiction. For this reason we will prefer candidates from France or other European Union member states.

We are able to provide support for immigration to very promising candidates from beyond the EU.

What we look for

Our current team primarily works remotely with flexible working hours. Since we work across several timezones we expect new team members to be able to manage their time well according to whatever schedule makes them the most productive. We avoid micro-managing and working overtime.

Qualities we value in a candidate include:

How to apply

Send an email to with a CV attached and a brief introduction. Please include links to any relevant projects, profiles, code repositories, or contributions to open-source projects if applicable. Finally, please include the job title in the subject line so we don't miss it.


The following roles are intended mostly as examples of what responsibilities need to be filled. Don't hesitate to apply if you don't fit neatly into one of these categories. In practice we often do multiple things.

We are interested in incorporating skills we don’t already have, so don’t panic if you’re unfamiliar with anything listed below.

All roles are currently filled

We are not actively interviewing at the moment, but we may do so again in the future. Please send us your details to be considered for future roles, especially if you work in the following areas

  • Accessibility (WCAG compliance)
  • Cryptography applied to web-applications
  • Web development for privacy

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Our parent company XWiki is also hiring, please check their jobs page for more information