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It's a free online office suite that respects your privacy. You can't find that very easily.

Joseph Burgan

It's very versatile for securely transferring various sensitive text documents between my laptop, my desktop, and my phone without the need for flash drives or cables. It's already saved me in a pinch twice! Free (as in Freedom), open source, and secure. What's not to love!


Feels safe because it has crypt in the name so it's encrypted : D Better than Google things because it's my data and I don't want it out there! Thank you for all that


Wir arbeiten sehr gerne mit Cryptpad, weil wir da gemeinsam Dokumente teilen können, und gleichzeitig bearbeiten. Es ist simpel, man muss sich nicht anmelden, um mitzumachen, und wir vertrauen dem Datenschutz.

Karin, GranDeliSee - GranDeliSee, solidarische Landwirtschaft

Sharing folders and files does not require an account of the persons to whom the data is to be shared and the data is not necessarily traceable to an account that created the data.


Straightforward, device-universal and feeling safe. All the possible content-types for me to play.

polx - PH Weingarten, W3C Math Group

I love that I know that my data are safe.

Corentin B.

I just love everything about CryptPad. It's a solid collaboration suite and a very worthy alternative to other close-source software.


I love that it's open source, it's E2EE, and that the interface is very well designed for good user interaction. Thank you again for creating this.

Do Not Want My Name Here

I love that everything is encrypted and easily accessible !!


End-to-end encryption. Possibility to publicly interoperate even without account.


free use many functions easy use

Mumpitz - German High School (Gymnasium)

Given the abusive commercial data mining activities of other cloud based productivity tool providers, the suite of tools offered by CryptPad and their dedication to data privacy and implementation of data encryption is both laudable and the future. They actually respond to issues promptly. The free tier is generous and allows shoe-string independent developers like myself to get my fledgling business started. I will have no hesitation in switching to a paid tier when cashflow permits.

Droyd - Game Development

It is easy to write with the whole class.

Ole - In our history class

CryptPad is both secure and convenient. The switch was very easy. I also love that it's FOSS.

Joshua Marroquin

It allows simple and easy collaboration in a secure manner. It's quick and easy to create a new document and work together with others!


Security, privacy, possibility to self host, variety of document types

Romain - Digital solutions

Open-Source, secure (encrypted)


I like the variability of tools it has

Nicolás - ONG

It is an Open Source project which fills the niche of secure, private, collaboration.

Gerardo Lisboa - EUCLIDIA

one-link accessible, easy to share and foster co-writing to students & colleagues, providing collective ideas, easy to use and integrate in groups: tools and features known other platforms

Florian - school

Privacy-focus, response time for the typing is surprisingly well


Cryptpad makes me feel more like a user and less like a datamine


İt is not a GAFAM!

Alex - Exchanging documents between teachers and pupils in a school

I love the relative ease-of-use and the privacy-conscious design. I really appreciate the addition of office suite capabilities, to create spreadsheets for example. This makes it easy to move away from Google applications, especially when more confidence in data protection is needed.

Frank Lemmers

End-to-end encrypted and collaborative working without the hassle of signing up anywhere for co-workers. What else would I want?


Easy to use collaboration platform with nice design.

Michael - Makerspace Gütersloh e.V.

Free account for Educational Anonymity and ease of use Work on shared documents in real time Sharing and linking is easy

Roman Stalla - Middle School

It has the features I need inside a secure environment


Open Source and encrypted files and Kanban

***** - My Human Kit : FabLab for people wiht disabilities

Private alternative to google docs


That it is free and simple to use and NOT collecting and trading data!

Anja - Educational lectures in Germany

end to end encrypted, password protected links, destroyable documents, collaboration tools, run your own instance, free to use, fully opensource, export to different file extensions

Sauda Mele Okonkwo

collaborative work


It's easy to use and every option makes sense. It is great to share specific folders or documents. It is great that you do not register via google, Facebook or another Data collecting company. It gives the feeling of a secure, data minimised work platform.

***** - Rassismuskritisches Netzwerk der Region Trier (work against rassism)

absolute privacy <3


Crypt pad is great. Does everything google docs or Microsoft word can do, but it’s private, secure and requires no personal info (or signup!)


better than google docs 🙏


It a google docs replacement that is private and really nice to use.

Paul Ayling

Cryptpad is perfect as an easily accessible collaboration tool which provides rich editing options and is secure at the same time. I'm using it whenever password protection is needed for frequently revisited documents.

Georg von Rechenberg - Project digital youth participation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

I love that first it is free software and you could host it yourself, 2) there's no access barriers - you just need a link and 3) the feature of instant collaboration on a text for my students. I often use it in my language lessons (German/French).

Daniel - Secondary School

the online encrypt office(end-to-end), and the privacy policy is very friendly to the people who like privacy. One day I will be a paying user after I graduate from school and get a job. Hope for it!


Easy to use interface, strong privacy, and it just works well. CryptPad offers a lot of different document types, including spreadsheets, plain text documents, and whiteboards. It can be self-hosted so it doesn't rely on a single provider, and it's free software, allowing anyone to study, modify, and share it.


Security, and various document types


The privacy! It functions well. It's easy to use. I'm not worried about my data being shared. Also I appreciate that I can use it without subscribing via an email. That's one of my favourite aspects. Also there are many types of files available which I love!


easy to use, better than the corresponding service from Google


I love because is a good alternative for google drive, in CryptPad there is many options, it's secure and is a open source, that is enough for me


flexible possibilities, easy handling.

R. Kohaupt - Social Work

First of all because it is not Google or another tech giant and CryptPad has privacy and security in mind.


It is the easiest way to share documents without an intranet.


Privacy and being able to work on files with other people.


Its privacy and security.


free, private kanbans


CryptPad allows me to securely store, edit, and share files across the web, ensuring quick and easy access to files from any of my devices, so I can be confident that all my files will be easily available while maintaining complete security.


Data protection, independent of Google & Co., free of charge


It is a simple, self-explanatory tool, handy when collaborating on a text or other files.

Christine Schubart - SKA Darmstadt e. V.

We use CryptPad to draft up mails and resolutions, gather opinions and collect ideas. It has awesome privacy-first design and is yet easy to use, which makes it stand out against other products.

Jakob - Fachschaft Computerlinguistik, Universität Heidelberg

ease of use, security


easy and smart solution - European project!


I love how the UI is consistent without sacrificing security and privacy.


It's encrypted and offers a lot of functionality

Niklas - School

CryptPad is the one and only high quality, end-to-end encrypted, full office suite solution available today. It has everything from spreadsheets to whiteboards and even Kanban boards. Keep up the great work!


Fast, privacy respecting, secure, reliable, collaborative

David - Lycee professionel

Online realtime collaboration tools, encryption, open source, variety of tools, server location not in USA.


Desktop/Mobile compatibility, share documents to users w/o account, pragmatic set of functions

Uwe, Berlin

Easy to use, end-to-end encrypted, self-hostable. What more could you ask for ?


Works. Is reliably available. *Almost* no bugs. :-)


End to end encryption


It's transparency and great privacy/security, cloud and sharing functions, and the amount of tools that keep expanding.


the security and collaborative features are great


It's privacy and ease of use


Data protection and encryption are great and its free


It is very light, I like also its user interface ; it is also completely separated from Big Tech and opensource. I will subscribe to CryptPad.

Dany WM De Bontridder - Noalyss project

Full crypted, easily use, comfortable usability

Marcus - Gymnasium

It never stops developing, it is free of tracking and there are a lot of nice features.


It has a lot of great functionality and is steadily improving. An amazing alternative to google drive with a free tier option for anyone wanting to move away from proprietary software

***** - Environmental activism

It's open-source, it has a range of applications, not only rich-text documents, spreadsheets and forms but also some more uncommon and very useful ones, like kanban boards, markdown slides, whiteboards and code documents with syntax highlighting. On top of that, everything is encrypted on the client side.


At last Open source alternatieve to office tools from Big Brothers clan.


Super secure platform.


easy to use multi OS


It's a good user experience. The functionality is really good with a good UI. The collaboration works really well. It's a trust-worthy service with values that align with my own and the values of my organisations.

Charles - NGO

1. The software is open source and provides actually an alternative that can combat Microsoft Online and Google Drive/Documents. An "online LibreOffice" 2. The CryptPad official instance collects minimal data; only that which is required to operate the service which prevents them from being able to leak data to intelligence agencies as they do not possess any. 3. It has a free option and a paid with extra features so a sustainable model. 4. ToS and Privacy Policy are summarized and clear.


Cryptpad rocks. You've made the most usable, secure and privacy friendly office tool under the sun.

JT - environmentalism, migrant rights.

I love it because we can easily work on texts and tables anonymous together with other people who are not in our organisation without the obligation to create google accounts or accounts on other platforms.

K. Krüger - LIFE e.V.

I like how it doesn't have to be too "flamboyant" in it to perform well and successfully. It's fantastic when a website or product gives precisely what you're searching for without all the frills, is easy to use, and has a clear aim. The fact that this service is free with a 1 GB data plan is also significant.


Great security and privacy are just the beginning - Cryptpad is also an amazing tool to educate users and show them that there are tools other than those proposed by big tech companies.

Bernard - Climate Activism

Ease of use and respect of user privacy.


Online Notizen vermerken und von jedem Gerät abrufbar. Außerdem die Teamarbeit wo mein Partner sieht, was ich gerade schreibe.

Thomas K.

I like CryptPad, because it is open source and creates to empower societal actors in a sustainable way, so that the value goes back to the society and not to a handful of shareholders. Also this creates a way for lots of people to learn coding. Another positive effect for us is that people get control over their data.

***** - ANSOLE e.V.

It's open source, privacy respecting, end-to-end encrypted, and has live collaborative editing.


Kanban boards, web-links and office files together in one folder hierarchy


encryption. privacy. would be nice to have slides soon as well

***** - organizing, activism

Open source, friendly, encrypted, very usefull, lightweight


Easy to use, safe


I love that I can create private documents and only I can see it. I like the easy collaboration feature, i.e you can anonymously collaborate without a need for an account it makes it really easy.


I adore Cryptpad. Privacy and reliability. I don't care as much about fancy features; no need to add any more. Regular audits are a good idea though. Publicize the next one! Keep being awesome and thank you.


It is very uncomplicated to use, w/o any registration. Open access via browser. No big company from overeseas in the background. Encrypted service.

Michael - w-Quadrat Immobilien GmbH

I can safely use it anywhere at anytime with anybody

Matthias - Gymnasium (Germany)

Fast, easy to use and share, and seems secure

Simon B.

It is private, end-to-end encrypted, and open source. They can't read it, and make advertising profiles based on what I write, Metadata about my browser, have ads, or any other crap like that!


It is not Google etc.


Seems like a nice alternative to Google docs, sheets etc.


Its not Microsoft, free and easy

Manuel - Secundary level 2

CryptPad makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents privately, for free.


It's easy to use, because it is not bloated with thousands of features.


In general it is very cool.


It is encrypted and fits my needs as i don't have much documents to store there !


Ease of use, while respecting privacy

***** - University

I love how clean the surface looks, how easy it is to introduce my students to working with it, how smoothly everything runs. And I feel safe using CryptPad.

Canzonett - Higher Education (University)

Its safe, easy to use, good templates

***** - High School

Privacy. That's literally the best thing.

John Doe

I love that it's an open-source alternative to Google's suites that WORKS (Plus, it has a free plan).


Open source is a huge amount of the appeal. On top of being pretty much the only online collaborative document editor I can trust, the fact that anybody can deploy it and audit it and increases that trust. Allowing free use while also providing extra support via subscription also seems like a good model for longevity of the project. I really hope to see it continue to flourish, and perhaps become a subscriber myself soon!


Whenever I use cryptpad, I can be assured that no one unauthorized will ever read my documents. Every web service should be built like CryptPad.


It's encrypted, private and open source. Offers generous free storage(1 GB).

Jonathan Swupper

easy to use, safe, i can share my thoughts

iak - elearning, education

No personal information required. No ads. Privacy friendly. Nice interface. Open source. Reliable. Thanks for your work!


Finally a live group word processor (and more!) I am inclined to trust. I happily have been using CryptPad for personal projects so far, and will be using it for work as well in the future.

Florian Sesser

Everything is good, perfect. This is the best for me. I like the mystery and the independent. In the future I will use for the company where I work, because it's safe and man can easy navigation and share files in CryptDrive.


Everything, so I can use this with friends


Privacy and security it provides to people.


As a FOSS advocate, i thought there will be no alternative to Google Docs, so i was struggling to manage my documents. Until i discovered "CryptPad" the best collaboration tool I've ever seen. With Cryptpad, I am sure that all my documents are safe and encrypted, the service is so reliable and perfectly suits my needs.

Saif Dhifi - Freeways ISI (Free Software Club at the higher institut of computer science Tunisia, Ariana)

I like the design it has, that it is open source, that it is free of trackers and ads, and that it is end-to-end encrypted. It's also fast, easy to use, and it's energy efficient compared to Google Docs. What more could I ask for? <3

Sergio Varela

The possibility to keep everything neatly sorted in folders, and the sharing options.


security and data protection oriented model. I also really appreciate the range of applications that cover my needs very well.


the symplicity and the chat

sarah - school

Google independent sheets that keep my data private.


CryptPad is available for all platforms, it's easy to handle, it's collaborative, it's save and it's free!


The usability of it to work together inside documents, while having a strong security and privacy on the documents. Its integration with multiple file formats and a vision on improving free and open software technologies to work securely together.


CryptPad allows me to collaborate and share documents, texts and plans with people easily and safely without feeding some predatory advertising algorithm. My data is my own, and shared only with the people I choose.

Harald Eilertsen

it works!

M Fröhlich

It free and anomymous. It works reliable

Thomas Behrmann - FOM

the privacy that it give compare to google drive

Chris Py

CryptPad is one of those FLOSS projects which take user feedback seriously! It's easy to use and just works. And a love to see it grow over time. It absolutely stands the pace with bigger corporate alternatives and exceeds them from time to time not only in regards to privacy.

Erwin Ernst steinhammer - Chaos Computer Club Vienna

I appreciate the privacy offered by the site. I can share things with other people without having to worry about being spied on by advertisers and corporations.


Encryption, and the ability to share, open, and edit encrypted documents, which I cannot do with other providers. I also love the different types of documents that cryptpad allows me to create.


I love the privacy and focus on what is essential. It is also very reliable.

Oskar Gstrein

Privacy and ease of use - I have tried quite a few tools in last 1-2 years and CryptPad is both easy to use and fully featured!

private :)

E2E, how good it works in a browser


It is anonym, has a good layout and all basic features i need.


Privacy, the no-nonsense feel that gives one heaps of control (unlike Google's UI, which pampers us visually at the expense of privacy) + the list of files we can make with CryptPad

Prefer Not To Share - Environmental Justice

I like the ease of use and the different options I can use. The interface is nice and efficient.

Grégory Pt

its simple design

Hess - linkflink GmbH

It is private


The facility of its access, it’s very handy in use, free of charges, multiple forms and usages (among collègues, with students, students without teachers…) European server,

***** - Gymnasium im PAMINA-Schulzentrum

Free end-to-end encryption for document collaboration! Have not seen anything that compares for this purpose


ergonomic & doesn't require account to share sth & not google


free, safe, non-profit and usable. what else would you hope to find?

val - [activist and academic purposes]

free connection, english language, server in EU

Carl Christian Sievers - Studienseminar LBS Hannover

It’s like a more well thought out google drive that doesn’t spy on you


CryptPad allows me to collaborate with my colleagues and teammates without having to compromise our data security or privacy by placing them in the hands of some third party entity. The different apps are powerful and easy to use and sharing files is as simple as sending a link. Brilliant!


I love the privacy and control I have over that privacy, as well as knowing my data is safe. The layout is fantastic, simply but has every tool you could need. The whole site is very intuitive and quick to learn! If you've used similar sites, you already know everything you need to navigate CryptPad, without worrying about your data being collected and sold to advertise to you. The anonymity is phenomenal and the reason I switched over.


Open source and privacy


I like CryptPad because of its minimalist design, which allows me to better focus on the file I'm working on.


I love that it is open source and engages end-to-end encryption. As founder of leguli.ch I know about the struggle with establishing privacy software.

Roland Steinegger

I like cryptpad for its attitude toward privacy.


it's easy, quick and easy to understand


I like working with Pads. Now I can do it with encryption. Great!


secure, encrypted document/ pad easy to share, working on texts together, summarize common topics with friends/ partners


Clean design, generous free storage (even after giving away more free space during the pandemic), simplicity and end-to-end-encryption all bundled into one place to put my stuff? Sign me up.


Free anonymous account creation, the Google docs alternative I've been looking for! Using it guilt free by donating, which can be done without a digital trail back to the account I'm using. Love it!

Rob Ottwok

I love how one can easily collaborate and work simultaneously on shared documents. I mainly use CryptPad to give remote tutoring lessons.


I love that CryptPad is Open Source and E2EE.


That it is interactive and data protection conform


This may be obvious, but it's open source, and unlike say LibreOffice, Cryptpad is not exclusively local. I also love the look and feel of Cryptpad.

Quin Delamore

End-to-end encryption AND realtime online collaboration without any hassle :-)


So simple and secure, with great functionality. I love it.


No messing about, no log ins, just the good stuff, gotta appreciate it


free, safe, easy, nice to share, compatible with office projects, organized

Ivo Herrmann - School, Teacher training college

range of options (cloud drive, kanbans, collaborative working), it's free, it's secure

***** - Secondary school in Germany

I really appreciate not having to worry about security issues. It's user-friendly. It had everything I needed to feel good about leaving GoogleDocs behind.


handy to cooperate and share for relevant audiences.

Pekka Ihanainen

It is a very good application. (Sorry I don't speak very well English)


That it is secure, easy to use, doesn't require an account and has professional capabilities.

Ulrich - education, independent artist

end to end encryption and the Sheet implementation


Besides encryption, I appreciate excellent user interface - intuitive, responsive, customizable. Folders tree in the left pane. Rich text editor (really rich and classic). My personal favorite: automatic outline, forming clickable table of contents in the left pane, which can be shown/hidden by a "hamburger" button, perfect for mobile. I also like the simple calendar, colorful tags, monday-starting weeks, monthly view. Other types of files look even more interesting. Haven't tried yet, but: wow!

Svetlana Krstic

That it is so good while being absolutely free!


Simplicity, security, the fact, that it is not used for profit maximisation of some anonymous entities. The sense of community and of the future, which feels as a more open and relaxed one.

Maria Turik

Easy to use and to share

Peter Schulte-Herweling

Cryptpad makes you feel your data is safe. I like the Zero-knowledge policy.


perfect online tools for educational use

***** - Education

CryptPad offers the right combination of openness and protection when it comes to online collaborations. It is essential to balance out the urgent need for both, transparency and opacity.

Florian Schneider - Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norwegian Univeristy of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Privacy, Security, sharability, administration as Owner of documents, fair pricing, account-usage.


What I most love in cryptpad it's about privacy policies and cryptography. Have a service of this category for free, it's just amazing. The teams and real time working kicks out any disappointing if compare the product with Google Docs. I really would trust CryptPad for any service or doc that you must do online and would not worry at all with information leaks.

Thiago Melo

I love that with CryptPad there is finally a privacy-friendly and open-source, still fully-featured alternative to well-known Google services. I love the ease of use and the simple yet genius security concept behind sharing document links which ensure that only end-users can read the content. And I love the spirit behind the product and their creators. It's really great to see that there are companies like XWiki SAS that believe both in privacy and free and open-source software products.


It's encrypted, has a lot of functions, is free to use, and has team settings

***** - Human Rights sector

It's so easy to use, and it's the only kanban-tool so far, which everyone could "read" without any problem. Usability is really the essence of the service. Please keep up that kind of approach! And love it for being open source and that it's got zero-knowledge-encryption.

Alois M. - Science university student

Finally a usable encrypted drive !


Cryptpad is a service that I know I can trust. I love to have a service which respects my privacy and works fluently all the same.

Anonymous Person

It's easy to share text and it isn't pastebin.

L Ron Butterfly

-its' not owned by Google -it respects the users privacy -it's free -it's easy to use -good UI

Nigel Balfour - Teacher training

Easy use of the pad. LaTeX implementation HTML Download Groups can easy brainstorm.

***** - High School

It's easy, secure, and AWESOME for asynchronous (and anonymous) collaboration. For me, it's magic. It contains everything I need and I LOVE creating documents and sharing them, both for view only and editable.


Clean, secure, does what I need without any fluff, privacy respecting.


Einfache Oberfläche, erleichtert die Organisation von Abläufen


Easy to use with end-to-end-encrypted and privacy focus


It's a safe space. I like that I can be myself here without being surveilled - as a queer person, that is a tremendous gift that I feel CryptPad has given me.


1) Privacy 2) Sharing capabilities 3) (Presumably) what I put in my cryptpad isn't being scraped up into a giant pile of writing owned by big tech


its not google docs. google invades users' privacy constantly.


C'est gratuit et puissant ! Et français, conforme RGPD.


CryptPad has a great user interface, and is end-to-end encrypted which is perfect for private business data!


It is a space free from the big (gafam)

RICCARDO GIUSTI - Secondary School

Privacy but online


- very easy to use, for non geek people - trust


CryptPad has great sharing options, and includes online concurrent editing. That makes it my default suggestion anytime someone wants to share documents: it satisfies the shared editing like in Google Docs, it includes spreadsheets, and it has folders that I can share with a group. I now have a single online service for collaboration... and I know I can export my own data any time if my projects grow in size (for me to host and directly manage, eg. P2P).

Trent Larson

its privacy, i started using it as a part of my "degoogle" and, as soon as more ppl i know start using it, i intend to abandon all other similar services. this one is my favourite bc of its simplicity and the fact that it's very user-friendly.


Being able to concurrently jot down notes with other people


privacy, security and being open source. also offering free services to people, some of who may not be able to afford the user experience is smooth. interface is simple


Online, so i can use it on my work computer, ipad and home computer. And of course the privacy


privacy, ease of use


God, what don't I? I love the feel of the UI, the robustness of the text. The privacy is great, and why I got into it in the first place. Takes alot off my mind. Decryption's nice and quick, too, so it's not a slog. Overall, the workspace feels really nice, and almost like an online home. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for an alternative to larger online word-processors like Google Docs.

Scrawny T. Demon

CryptPad has been my goto tool to store my notes online. I feel good about it.


I love that CryptPad is free (libre) software and holds a privacy-first mission


Everything encrypted in one place

Hobi - Education Institution

CryptPad is ideal for spinning up an isntant collaborative document without any setup (personal account, etc.), which allows us to use it very flexibly.

Dominik George - Teckids e.V.

it's crypted, it's free, it's cool, the whole stuff for cooperation.

Gerhard - Church

Spreadsheet just works smoothly with all functionalities you can expect from other famous shared spreadsheet apps, without spywares.

Vincent - scopyleft

In our modern world we share share data in our professional and private life to conveniently engage with other people every day. But this convenience comes at a cost. Your data reveals a lot about you and your businesses, your thoughts, your partners, your loved ones, and it can easily be used to harm you. This is not exclusively, but very important to investigative journalists, human rights defenders, and members of oppressed and marginalized groups. That is why these data must be protected.


Well protected, Collaboration and many features. Perfect tool for collaboration.

jakob - Political Education

Clear interface, full featured, privacy friendly, open source.


Open source, so no big data, secure, private.


Easy to use, data protection on high level and open for persons without Cryptpad account. I use it for: - collaborative work on a topic, application (instead of google.docs)... - platform to save datas for other persons (instead of wetransfer) - platform to save reports of meetings with persons of many organisations - the pad can be actualised without saving again the document


I love Web-Application in general. I like that CryptPad is fully encrypted an I tihnik privicy is very important for the futere


Cryptpad is great because it is trustworthy. It is well encrypted and Open Source.


Everything. This is so much better than all the Google collab tools and is much more private and secure.


I love that I have a secure and private service to collaborate with friends and colleagues all without the need for them to create accounts or download apps. I have planned camping trips and setup client briefs and shared files with ease.

Sven Lite - Light Life Photography

Found CryptPad to be very easy and quite straightforward to use. Very similar to the Microsoft Office & LibreOffice software suites and would definitely say it's a smooth transition from those offerings to the CryptPad software suite. Have greatly enjoyed - and have utilised quite often - the collaboration features of CryptPad; exceedingly helpful when working with others on a file (or multiple files). In conclusion, very pleased with CryptPad and would highly recommend it!

Johnathan Anderson

I love that it is opensource, free to use and i can be sure that my data is handled well and secure.. I Trust you

nonino - Waldorfkindergarten and University (Hamburg University of Applied Science)

I love using a secure and privacy-oriented web-based tool that offers such a great integration of the different applications.

Christian Terboven - RWTH Aachen University

It is easy to handle, performs fast and encrypted. This how decentralised workware should be!


The simple interface and the fact that you don't need an account. Also privacy.

Michalis Demetriou (qwazix)

easy to use, great help in planning and organising lessons, benfit in office work

Helmut Gravert - Freiherr-vom-Stein-Berufskolleg

I love that it's easy to share files with other writers without having to share any personal information, really just a link.

Liv R.

I like that it can be used without having to provide extra information when using a free account. And even with the premium account, it requires just an email (which is still more privacy focused than Google). It is about doing what you need to do without mining more data, or trying to dig deeper to lock you into one ecosystem. Also the loading screen gives a fun kind of "hacker person" vibe while also giving an idea what it is doing.


I love how I can collaborate with my friends on documents for school while not having the school or my internet provider seeing what I do. Oh, it's also faster and more effecient than Google Docs.

Forever XML

Simplicity of the interface, maintenance of privacy and no personal information required. Can provide a one-time contribution, if that's possible.


Working, secure, private, anonymous collaboration. It's hard to overstate how big of a deal this is in this day and age.

Anonymous - cyber security

encryption and security


It just works! And it works much better than its closest commercial competitor, google docs. I have no misgivings whatsoever whenever I propose to use it. Also, it was easy to set up an own instance.

Nils Erik Flick - Hamburg Werbefrei, popular initiative aimed at reducing aggressive advertising in public spaces.

I like the integration into the browser, not any byte of software has to be installed and I can use the whole office palette and be sure that nobody surveils me. Thank you, thmumbs up.


It's not owned by Google.

Edmund Ivonovich

It s a project with many tools and a great privacy policy. I can share my activities on CryptPad with other user.


CryptPad is very easy to use and I love that you can work on documents simultaneously.

Janina - Sector: Nature and Environment Conservation

My data hosted in EU. Crypted data. Share data securely with others. Good replacement of Google Agenda. Good online OnlyOffice editors. Wish: Android app for Agenda. A desktop drive would be cool too. I think with those two features I would easily go for a paid plan because we should promote all kinds of EU services vs. US and China ones.


I love that it's NOT Google.

Jon Klement

With CryptPad's zero-knowledge encrypted storage, I'm able to keep my documents in the cloud without having to worry about them ever being compromised.


encyptedness matter-of-fact design

Dr. Claudia Koltzenburg

I love that I don´t need to submit personal information to use it, it's intuitive interface and clear help messages.

Niño Artillero

It is very nicely designed and works well. Really happy I found it!


Privacy is great and I love the usability.


Every thing. CryptPAd is a very friendly tool for safe and professional work

Iduvina - Seguridad en Democracia (SEDEM), a Human Rights organization

I like being able to write documents while on the go and knowing that what I write will not be used to feed tracking algorithms.


CryptPad Kanban and Docs make it easy to manage music projects with other creatives. It's also a great cloud notepad for taking notes during school.


Easy and no tracking (hope so) way for publishing.


Simple, effective design. Security seems tight. Very user friendly.


Its an alternative to Google

INS Joan Brossa - Secondary School

CryptPad is a great example of FLOSS. It combines and enhances many other FLOSS tools. CryptPad has an active community and is well interacting with project members. It is simple by default, while providing basic/advanced productivity tool. Recently, it is becoming more powerful ("simple" pad -> encrypted OnlyOffice). And it is GDPR compliant. While I have no means to test, I see the source code and know others who trust CryptPad.

***** - Academia

It's for free and also very easy too use. No E-Mail required in logging in.


The sandboxing layer of encryption is fantastic and the free account without restriction of features is a brilliant way to not turn people off. I recommend it's usage to anyone looking for something in this field. We are now running out of space and as a somewhat techy person I am self-hosting Cryptpad on our group's server, but there are a lot of people I'm sure who can't do that and I hope you are receiving some subscription finances from those that can afford it.

Michael - Just another local Mutual Aid group :)

The fact that everything is private and encrypted. Also the UI is really good and it's easy to write any document with it.


Easy to use, encrypted office suit in cloud = dreams come true!


CryptPad offers similar services to GoogleDocs, except that it's privacy-minded.


From the user point of view this is the ultimate location to withdraw from e.g. google apps. Which at some point began to be tireing with the nosy level.


free, dsvgo (german for data conform), encrypted, !!easy access without registration, important in lots of context where you want to invite people to work but cant ask them to create an account


I love its convenience and rich functionality. It just always works as it should without being too much of a cognitive lift.


- How super easy it is to use - How super easy it is to set up and run your own server

Cache On Delivery

Use it on ny mobile and laptop while preserving my privacy!


free and open source software, nice tools, collaborative work is possible

dowel - school

I used to be a Trello user, but I didn't like to share my kanbans' content with spying company. That's why I switched to CryptPad and I'm happy with that.

Lazy Bit

1. protection of data privacy 2. it's not Google

Diesdas Ananas - School (german Gymnasium)


mvbrevern - Creation of a Consitution for Germany

Privacy, collaboration and Kanban.


- einfache Handhabung - gemeinsames (Be-)Arbeiten von/an Dokumenten

***** - Gymnasium

Basically everything! ~ The fact that it's free is huge! ~I want to support and not have to be forced into it ~ likewise, I see how much effort you've put into designing this system, and it's worth a LOT! ~ I absolutely love everything and hope this project stays alive for as long as possible!


I can have a small but private storage space online, and I just need to remember my password to access my files in a secure way. The fact that it's zero-knowledge allows me to store highly confidential files in a secure and private manner. Did I mention it's free and open source? Anyone can verify the developers aren't lying or implementing backdoors!


CryptPad is the best safe place to keep my documents by accessing both PC and smartphone


It's GoogleDocs without any of the surveillance.

Moritz Schubert

We used cryptpad.fr in our student flat-share to assemble an address list for the health department after a Corona case in the Corona crisis.

Sebastian Kiel

'What do I love about Cryptpad?' Utter simplicity of the interface - big, bold and tells you what's going on. Very reassuring for new users who get confused/intimidated by techy UIs with dozens of buttons. Will definitely upgrade when independent journalism funding improves. For now, tho, this pad is a great way for new teams to safely connect e.g. as here in the vast Pacific, across many timezones.


Cryptpad is an all-in-one platform for your collab needs.


Nice and easy spreadsheet to share with other friends. Easy to use.


The ability to instantly create collaborative doucments for my students.

Nik Peachey - PeacheyPublications Ltd

It works! It allows to share documents and to edit them in a collaborative way, with quite rich editing functions.

Pascal - French Ministry for the Ecological Transition

Security and secure sharing


I love how easy to switch over and easy to use it is.

Lucas I.

It has all the applications required! From notes to kanban boards, spreadsheets and everything! All that with complete privacy! Excellent for working with colleagues, knowing that there is no need to rely on external services which are not secure enough for sensitive data.


Privacy, ease of use, simple and functional interface


There are so many great things about CryptPad, but the top three are: 1.) It is very secure and can be used directly in your browser! 2.) It's free for personal use! I use it for all kinds of things and haven't looked back. 3.) It's as simple as using Google Docs/Sheets and Word/Excel. I highly recommend it anyone that is concerned about their privacy.


Cryptpad is easy to use, does not crash, is free and always available.

Phil the Teacher - Education Nationale

I love that I can work better together with others.


It is a quite powerful cloud service with encrypted storage, where decryption takes place only on the client side.


It is open source and online. It has hindi language support even though minimal. It is secure, encrypted and private. Now that it has teams, drive, calendar, contacts and chat functionality together, it is great!

C Prakash

CryptPad is easy to use, secure, intuitive yet very multi-functional. The best alternative I've come across for anyone who consciously wants to avoid data-mining-based or paid services.


Cryptpad helps me organize my life and it does this in a private and secure way. Very cool :>


Anonymity, safety of my informations, reachable via TOR

cbro - NGO doing medical aid in regions of crisis

The fact that many people can share and write at the same time on a common document.

Laure - Education Nationale


pippo baldo

I love that I can avoid using google docs/google drive at school and still have the same sharing abilities that google services enable.


While Italian universities and schools are mindlessly giving away students and researchers' data to the surveillance capitalism corporations, pretending there is no alternative, CryptPad is showing that alternatives exist, if you only care to look for them.

MCP - University

Very cool tools for me and my work. Instant shareable docs at a glance


Ease of use, markdown support and price per functionality


Free and very easy to use.

Peter Flindt

We love CryptPad's ability to simply and securely collaborate on documents with sources, external vendors, and even friends and family.

Anonymous Correspondent - Broadcast Television

I have used it rarely, but that was to ensure recording of personal anecdotes,, and descriptions of life inthe past from seniors was not compromised by recording infor example Google Docs. It allowed me to give them privacy assurances.

anonymous in UK

The possibility to share and work online

***** - nature

encryption is love. encryption is life.

Dj4ng0 - cybersecurity

It's privacy by default and it's working. And working. And ... well, it's working. ;-)


CryptPad is my stop solution for its rich text editor, being able to share online and that too without ever logging in. Its so easy to share docs, be it sheets, or docs or codes or presentation or markdown. It just works out of the box and one of my most important daily tools to improve productivity.

Niket Agrawal

Possibility to access and edit my files from any device, without additional apps - and privately.

Greg J.

It's an extraordinarily simple, user-friendly and private Google Docs alternative, great for both collaborative editing and personal organization.


It's simple, fast, private, secure, and the self-hosting ability is awesome.


to have a workspace all time


easy to use and share

Sebastian - City of Ulm, Office for Education and Sport

I like that all the content is encrypted from my own browser. Not even you can examine my content!

Roberto Martínez Pérez

Simplicity. Speed. Privacy. No-frills.

Kalle Rasmusson

Collaborative writing and sharing with colleagues as well as students organizing these documents in a drive

Pat - grammar school

It's realy easy and fast to setup a collaborative document.

Thomas Behrmann - VDIni Club Bremen

Its Simple, Safe and Secure Which is why i use it for academic uses, where anonymity is a must

Chris - University

First of all, I love the lightweight interface design of CryptPad. It makes it very easy, especially for less digital people, to start using the online collaboration tools. Another thing I love is that we can work with a high level of privacy here. That's hugely important in tool selection in associations I work with. For collaborative writing CryptPad is my tool of choice, for the overview to small projects I immediately start a Kanban board. CryptDrive is super as we can store all files here.

DoSchu - coworking communities / women's associations

I Love that the movement I sympathize with use CryptPad and as this is testament to the attention and wise considerations of the IT-group.


That I can work with other people on the same document.


I love the ease of use and the fact that my data is stored in encrypted form.

Kevin King

I love the ease of use of CryptPad, that I have all my documents organized in one place and the possibilities for collaboration. New documents are available in an instant for other team members and I can invite others to my documents without the need for third party communication and thus compromising the privacy of the documents.

Adrian - Piratenparty of Germany (Political Party)

Assez pratique pour partager mes écrits


1. The pryvacy 2. No email asked 3. Perfect to take simple notes.


End-to-end encryption. FOSS. No account required for external collaborators


secure, clear, easy , working fully with firefox and since now never freezed or something else

Rüdiger Bachmann - potentialeentfalten (.de) : education of educators, free schools, coaching, building new schools

It is data protection compliant, covers a wide range of tools, easy to share with collaborators


The Cryptpad family of web applications is built on the principles that I would use to build software for my friends, family and myself: - Data security by end-to-end-encryption - Control over one's own data - Enable uncomplicated collaboration


I love Cryptpad, because it allows me to exchange easily and in a confidential way, information with colleagues

HVH - Management and M&A Consultancy

It's great to have a secure and private platform to organise and collaborate with others. Best of all: it's entirely open source using a free licence. Setting up and maintaining a CryptPad is rather simple, so you can run your own server in no time if the fully encrypted nature of all user data is not enough for you to put trust into third party servers.

Jan S. - Digitalcourage

Much easier to get used to than you would think! Was able to figure it out quicker than Google Docs. Good UI options and lots of different file formats.


I love that it is secure and is an excellent tool to work remotely on content with my colleagues.

Sabine Faure - KDAB (France) - IT training and services

I love privacy CryptPad gives while simultaneously awesome sharing options are available as well. Drive is very well done, rich text is awesome, and I simply adore simple Kanban board creation.

Oskar - Environment protection

It's not google, and they aren't tracking everyting I do


hosted in EU, easy to use, has all necessary functionalities, can be self hosted


I believe that CryptPad is one of the best free and open source cloud-storage software, that is really intuitive, easy both in the set-up process, and every day use.


nice, safe, functions increasing, not google

Chris - University and MINT education

It's open source and gives lots of opportunities to collaborate


It's practical, it's safe, it's free – perfect conditions for collaboration!

V. - university library

It´s easy to use.


Simplicity, security, code, price.


It's free and open source and privacy-friendly


ease of use between different file formats

Mike of Many

I use Cryptapd for school and its simle and easy to understand


Online, secure, private, collaborative


CryptPad is a great alternative to "leading" cloud document host that don't respect our privacy. Safe, secure, private, functional, and well-documented. CryptPad offers a personal drive with a generous free tier for organizing one's ongoing affairs, as well as anonymous self-contained URLs for single-use "throw-away" documents. Thank you for this awesome service, CryptPad!

Jobu Tupaki

I find it great for securely sharing documents with family members (for trip planning, or other occasions) where the sharing of the secure documents make minimal demands on their tech-savvy (or lack thereof). Very easy to use and share while keeping security intact.


Security. Good Sharing capability


The relative security from government surveillance and the anonymous collaboration. The drive is amazing to organize documents. Everything can be solved with one more pad!

A climate activists

The lack of email requirement makes me feel much safer using it.


The ease with which Kanban boards are worked

Francisco Miguel Berrocal Machado

That students can work on it simultaneously, and it‘s easy to use.

Mrs Eppinger - Grammar School

Private, Free, Open Source, can be self hosted


fast, no tracking whatsoever

Rate My Shoes

Privacy, Clean interface, Speed, Open source , Themes, Sharing capabilities, Easy to understand as a new user, Security, No email required, I wish plain text documents had their own file type , Free for people who can't afford it (I appreciate it)

John C. Smith

I love the confidentiality the most - not being required to use an email address, meaning my data is not being tracked all over the internet.


great collaborative suite! encrypted and open source as it should be!

Marco - research institute

I love that CryptPad is a privacy respecting alternative to popular office software that refuses to compromise on both security and functionality.


collaboration, stability.

***** - Code Blau GmbH

My notes are secure and accessible anywhere I go. Also there is no need for several different servers hosting my notes, images and other files. Everything is right there where I need them along with the ability to share files.


efficient, trustworthy, reliable, easy to use, it simply works

Annette Leiderer - German High School

Cryptpad makes it easy for me to take my documents on-the-go, without trading my privacy for convinience. I see merit in the project and had been a paid member to support the team and have my team to work on various documents simultaneously, and it had been best investment. It is truly a magnificient alternative to the proprietary solutions and does exactly what it claims to do.

Ramesh Anand - Persanal branding and digital services organization

Easy to use, looks good

H. Fisher

It's easy and safe!


Next to security - I like clean, concise design, very responsive pages in the office suite.


Easy collaboration, security and privacy. Obviously those are very important to us. We are an action group targeting the climate crisis. We plan non-violent but disruptive actions that meet resistance from police, financial institutions and government. Most of us have never been in an action group before. Although consequences are scary, we feel that we must do what we can, in the little time that is left. Our tools must be reliable and usable for non-professionals.

Marc (not my real name) - Extinction Rebellion

Simplicity and privacy.


I love that CryptPad allows me to work privately. I also love that CryptPad allows me to work anonymously. I don't have to have the documents attached to any account, I really like that. I also love that none of my associates need to have an account to use CryptPad to collaborate with me.


free, secure, easy to use


I use it to share project with my friends, and co-working


The E2E protocol, the GUI, and the ease of use.


It can be accessed anywhere, it's free, and secure


Working from everywhere with everyone.

Denis - Bremen school

That is like google docs, but with high privacy standards included


Its free to use and pretty straight forward! There is a lot of space for creative application.


easy to write down and organise thoughts and ideas


The security and open sourceness of a full office suite.


Privacy friendly and feature reach. Very generous plans


Works great with markdown. I like the code editing space. I was surprised there was so much in it. The forms are great, especially with the conditional options.

Good and Geeky

The privacy and easiness when using it


Security, alternative to Google. Can share without the other users having an account


A privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted Web application is a rare treat these days. With a nice compact interface and amazing history display on a free/open code-base it's easy to love.


Although the free version limits you, it gives you so much more to work with and with ensured privacy. I was astounded by what was capable in the free version, compared to the rest of the competition. CryptPad surely knows what it's doing.

Brandon R. Montes

intuitive interface


Digitalcourage, the NGO I am volunteering for, had used Etherpad for many years to write texts collaboratively. When I set up a CryptPad server, everyone switched to it within a few weeks. As a pro-privacy organization, using a zero-knowledge service is a no-brainer. As an IT admin, I am glad that I cannot read the documents stored on my CryptPad server. As a user, it feels good that I can control who gets to read my documents. There is no reason to use Google Docs or Microsoft 365 any more!

Christian Pietsch - Digitalcourage e.V.

It's private and for everyone!


easy, safe, many document types available,

Judith - Parents for future group, climate activism

Open Source, Encrypted

Sachin Kadam

You won't find a Shared Document Service that is more easily accessible and also works encrypted and anonymous than the CryptPad service. If you happen to work with people from various organizations or companies it's always a hazzle finding a shared working space that does it for all participants. Fire up CryptPad and you're ready to go.

Magnus Rembold - munterbund, LudwigsKlima, AspergAnders, KlimalisteBW

Easy to use in every way. UI is intuitive. Anonymous. Plenty of storage space. Autosaving is a godsend. My largest document is 10k words and there's no lag. It's like Google Doc but better in every way. 10/10


Es un servicio sólido, respetuoso del usuario y su privacidad. La funcionalidad es suficiente y hasta más de lo que necesito habitualmente. Muchas gracias por todo.


CryptPad offers many services in a secure and respectful way of your privacy. You can do surveys, text documents, sheets and more all stored in a drive with end-to-end encryption. It is open source and has a very simple but effective UI that includes all the basics. Wonderfull for work or a small association.


I love CrpytPad because it's similar to Google Drive (and will become more so when the development team finally launches native CryptPad Docs, Sheets, and Slides) with the important difference that with CryptPad I know that my private documents are actually private. Not even the CryptPad team can see the contents of my Drive. Can't say the same for Google Drive.

moss piglet

I love the idea of a my documents and writings being stored securely and offsite so I don't have to worry about my goof ups in my homelab.


Collaborative working with unlimited people, highly protected personal data, a lot of uses for educational purposes

Carl Schöning - Gymnasium Ulricianum

Cryptpad is very useful for me to work on my essays with my study group and it is in line with my beliefs about free software and privacy.


Is complete!


It's really easy, clean, speed. I've tried many tool, and i think it's the best one.


Easy to use! Access to notes on all devices!


CryptPad is free software, it's fast, secure and they don't trade with my data.

Juan-José de Haro - Secondary school in Barcelona

It has so much functionality, and yet it's all free, all secure, all private.

Aidan - Acorn Tuition (small tutoring company)

Cryptpad is definitely the best replacement for the Google suite. Nothing else comes close to it.


It's easy to use, lightweight and best of all open source.


That it is like a full fledged "cloud" solution, including polls, with end-to-end encryption.

anonymous - Extinction Rebellion

I love that I can work on my files anywhere I am, and not worry about losing my files due to power outages or simply forgetting about manual saving.


It's open source and don't collect my data!


It's open source and a super alternative to all the proprietary apps from Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, etc.

Bert Schal

Privacy, Security


simplicity, and the fact that it is an alternative from google, makes sharing and collaborating easier, and again, no need to use google docs for that part!


I love that it's creating a more secure alternative to shared software and collaborative tools! Thank you!


Strong commitments to security + privacy.

Dr B. Trinlae PhD

E2E encryption, Speed, Self-host opportunity

Anon Catze

When I want a document that others can view and comment on or edit, I fire up cryptpad and create one. I care too much about privacy to use google drive, cryptpad makes it easier.

Speaker Twenty Two

CryptPad is a no-thought-response to all sharing needs with friends and family. The 0-knowledge infrastructure helps everyone feel safe about the fragments of life we share :)


I love that it offers anonymity - no emails, phone numbers, etc. It is great that it is free. It is great that data is encrypted and available through Internet.


It's free and there's no data merchandising.


Good encryption/privacy


All about it! It's secure, easy to use, reliable, and focused on helping users move forward with their projects. No bloated entertainment, no money-making - just the exact tool I need for my students and collaboration with my colleagues.

L. Fengler - German Gymnasium

Simple, private sharing.

***** - Education

Simplicity with Encryption as a standard by default

User Y

- Everything is end-to-end encrypted - Lots of document types - Mixes Google drive and Google docs functionalities


CryptPad is the Zero-Trust Secure Note and Collaboration Suite for Journalists.

Raymund K.D. Kho - Connecting the Dots Institute Netherlands (CTDI-NL) - Journalism.

good functionality and security

Stefan - -

Dataprotection, European Software, sharing of Documents, OS independent


That you can write compleatly anonymus. That there is a markdown option. In the hole big, i love all of CryptPad!


I was looking for a tool where I can throw my pictures in the document and they go full page directly.

Pierre - Laboratoire d'aérologie, CNRS, Toulouse

It's really secure and user-friendly.


Centralized sharing of documents and scripts, easy account setup, easy to use, encryption, open source.


It's private and highly secure. There aren't any trackers to worry about. Students don't need an account to collaborate. Cryptpad is versatile. Content created can be exported.

mrtee - ICT training for teaching staff.

Ease of use and set up

winston - Project organization

I enjoy having a secure, private place to create, store, and share documents. It's great to be able to get that done without the bloat of typical software packages. I also like that I get the same user experience regardless of the hardware or browser I happen to be using.


simple easy and open

Alain R.

CryptPad is a serious attempt to provide encrypted, comprehensive and useful drive, document and office services.


CryptPad is super accessible, while having a lot of useful features. I like that anyone can use it, no account needed. I used it with homeschoolers I've tutored, to distribute and collaborate on a text file of productive things to do during COVID.


No need to have an account. Just use it. - I'm lucky to be able to pay some support for this. But, this is available to anyone.


It's open source and has a lot of different apps needed for free


I like CryptPad, in my opinion it is the best OSS decentralized privacy-focused alternative to commercial collaborative office suites like Google Drive. I also like that CryptDrive could be used as a secure cloud for my personal files. I am grateful to the developers and those who maintain public CryptPad instances.


Range and features of documents, including the various programming languages available.


more private than gdocs


What's not to love? Cryptpad is free, open source and privacy-centric. I can store whatever data I feel I need to store safely AND has solutions that mimic the best office solutions out there. Thank you Cryptpad devs!


The ease of handling secure, encrypted documents and files, and the ease of sharing. Another point is the well solved collaboration. And all this on a very nicely designed, easy to use and understand interface.


The encryption, and the ability to share documents for collaborative work

Fred Brown

Enables us to coordinate as a group while protecting our shared data and communication end-to-end.


The privacy, and that it keeps improving.


To collaborate with all our volunteers we use Cryptpad all the time. The beauty about it is, that the volunteers simply use the tool instead of hustling with it. Yes, there is some get-used-to-it-time necessary, but our feedback from the local groups has much improved with cryptpad.

Fred - Friends of the Earth - local group

Its free, provides good data security


I love how easy and intuitive is CryptPad. It let you do everything you could do with other big companies but with a security level those companies will never going to give you. Vive CryptPad! 🇨🇵

Uncle Reaton

I enjoy that this medium is open source and privacy focused!

Digital Fyre

It is private version of google drive for me. I want to get off google and the only tethers I have are Drive and Gmail, and while I need drive to interact with others, I can write my essays and papers without google reading what I write for them to track and send me ads and tell the government.


Cryptpad is not one of the evil big tech companies, but provides for free an excellent intuitive tool for information and file management. This is how online tools should work and be governed, this is how the internet ought to be.


I love CryptPad because it's fast, free, powerful and secure.


It wins the trifecta: fast, freedom respecting and fully collaborative. And a solid, simple design makes it a pleasure to use. It's easy to work with groups, small to large, at any experience level.

Brendan Howell

When we plan an action, privacy and security are a must. CryptPad allows us to do most of our planning online.

Claudio - Extinction Rebellion (XR)

That it is a good, easy-to-use, open source and free alternative to other online office suites and storage, which, unlike the similar suites and storage, does not spy on you or profit from your data as it cannot due to the way it works. I also love that it keeps adding new tools in order to be able to do more than possibly even the other similar online software does.

A wondering reviewer

I love that it is an open Source, encypted storage system, even the free account is great.


I trust it, because it's included with parrot OS. I can use it to store my remote tools for CTFs, and do writeups. Really useful alternative for the Google suite, that is more trustworthy. 9/10, would apreciate more storage space in the free version though.


Black theme, easy to use, Kanban, Spreadsheet... easy to share

David ROUMANET - Lycée Aristide Bergès (38171 Seyssinet)

Simple. Clean. Secure.


It's easy to work with and for free. It's a great alternative in terms of privacy protection


everything <3 and your privacy setting

Gustav Ganz, schön groß

I love that cryptpad gives me all the features I need and respects my privacy and the privacy of my students. Especially the Kanban Board has been a Game changer during the pandamic and homeschooling but also in the daily Business.

Jan - Otto-Brenner-Schule Hannover Vocational Educational Training

It's a privacy-first alternative to Google docs. This is one of the few tools that you don't need to give up on functionality or usability compared to the privacy-invasive alternative.


I love that it is Open Source and respects user's privacy. I love the Forms as they are very well done and work flawlessly. Also, the text editor is pretty good, ant I use the Sheets and whiteboard a lot. Everything is very well-made. I always recommend CryptPad.

Paul Douglas

data security, ease of use, my documents available nearly everywhere, free with option to support

***** - Piratenpartei Deutschland

For me cryptpad is the all in one solution for office, cloud and encryption. It also comes with intuitive handling. Its simply my all in one tool. The option, to use the free version within all features is just great. Many thanks to all the developers and the whole team.


It's private. It's trustworthy. It's free! I'm involved in a local charity and I plan to start using it to replace Google Docs for planning our events next year.

Chris Davies

It auto saves

Jessica Johnson

Looking for alternatives that can actually replace platforms such as GoogleDrive + Sheets with encrypted privacy in mind, Cryptpad check almost all boxes making it the best of all: open-source, wth al lencryption efforts to maitain your control over your data, also making possible to share and collaborate with both other privacy enthusiasts and normies and onlyoffice users. And making it free for 1GB so you can try it out and see for yourself the great work the team have done. Thank you!

Honeybadger does care for privacy FLOSS <3

Secure Free Collaborative

M Untel

La confianza en su uso seguro y la accesisibilidad de los recursos disponibles

Iduvina - Human rights defenders organization

Open Source tool

Marie-justine GUERQUIN - Université Paris Cité

I love that it's open source and the importance of privacy.

***** - Feminist Moviment

It's simple, efficient, open to everyone, collaborative and secured. It's just like GAFAM services but in better! Thanks guys


Je trouve le modèle de Cryptpad intéressant, un excellent document partagé dans les formats classiques de texte, tableur etc, un travail accessible à plusieurs personnes en temps réel et en mode privé. D'autres offrent des solutions parfois un peu plus conviviales mais font n'importe quoi avec les textes et contenus que nous produisons. Nous utilisons Cryptpad régulièrement pour organiser le travail quand il doit se faire à plusieurs dans des coopératives et associations,...


Cryptpad is very usefull for working with others in the school without using Microsoft Teams.

lm41 - School

I love that it has many editors and that it is real-time collaboration.


is free and you cane use everywhere


Multiple ways to work with text. I appreciate the html. I use the rich text editor most of time and appreciate the lay out and tools available. It automatically saves. The downloaded file is accurate. It is secure. There is a goodly amount of storage.


data protection and security


It is simple, secure and easy to use. One doesn't need to go through lengthy documentation or search online to solve an issue.

Alice - Education

First of all it just works! Second there's an effort towards privacy, which immediately makes it better than most alternatives. And I really think it's great that you can use without any sort of account.

Rui Bastos

Made for getting stuff done. A clean user interface, secure, and doesn't get in the way of what I am trying to do. Should be the standard for shared and personal file creation and organisation.


It's made in Europe, it's respectful of privacy and it is quite advanced as a tool, with good functionalities.


Simplicité, accessibilité et richesse des fonctionnalités proposées


I love the easy handling and its effectiveness to publish own digital content in a secure way with healthy data treatment. It is thought to be used by my pupils to get in contact with special content during their lesson-free time or whenever they like.


CryptPad is just fantastic to share documents to collaborate on, or especially code together very comfortabely and easily. Thank you for providing this fantastic free service, it should be used by anybody not wanting to be surveilled by Microsoft etc.


Privacy without causing too much inconvenience, and ease of creating notes like pastebin.


I love the fact that it's open source, end-to-end encrypted, allows guest users, allows registration without email or any other personal details and is self-hostable while providing free and paid hosted instances.

Rasheed - Islamic Audiobooks Central

I appreciate the ability to collaborate on document creation and editing, while retaining control over how much of my identity I share. For this balance of features and privacy, I don't know any tool that compares.

Pete - Wiki Strategies, training and consulting

Variety of intuitive tools, respect for anonymity


It is an easy to use and reliable collaboration tool.

Oliver - DUIsentrieb e.V., Allemagne. (www.duisentrieb.de)

We can have an open-source suite of collaboration tools that respects privacy not like Google.


Ease of use for people coming from Google Drive

Reed Smith

The functions about Cryptpad. We are use it for Online Workshops

Dennis Kranz - Library

fast, secure, shareable, good


easy access to collaboration, data protection, data economy, free&open software, uncommercial project

Mathias - Technical University